shameless self promotion

shameless self promotion!!

when i turned f**ty, i found myself in walthamstow -of all places! - in a nice little italian restaurant with a greek owner and an english cook. i think it was called "la ruga" or something similar.
the meal was surprisingly good, the guy was very chatty and liked my complimenting his wine list, small but perfectly formed.
when he knew what i was doing he gave me an idea: "why don't you rent out a small café and have your own restaurant for a night?".
"nice idea", i replied. " i will definetely think about it".
and about it i thought, for two years and a bit.

now i am doing it!
i have rented a small café and on the 29th of may i will have my restaurant for a night!
i've called it the flying italian: blink and it's gone.
two set menus to give consistent quality and to minimize the panic.

it has occurred to me though, that maybe some geographically close readers might be interested in giving it a try: if you do, drop me a mail. i offer no discounts (ehi, the price is *low*!) but a priority on booking.

some people (ie:me) have no shame.

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