pimp my pasta

lunchtime on an average march saturday.

the family is getting ready for yet another afternoon birthday party: better feed the kids but not too much or they won't be able to wreak the usual havoc.
i'll give them some capelli d'angelo - angel hair - the thinnest of all pastas, cooks in a minute, then you toss it with melted butter and parmesan .. heavenly and so child friendly it hurts..

i open the cupboard to reach for the pasta when i spot a long forgotten small tin of foie gras, a christmas present waiting for the right occasion.

thing is, we haven't had friends for dinner in literally years: too many kids to co-ordinate.. i work mostly on weekends .. etc..
it turns out that the christmas in question was 2007's and the foie gras can't wait for much longer.
oh no.

the right occasion is now.
because we are worth it.

i add some extra pasta for the grown ups. in a pan i melt a large dollop of foie gras with a large dollop of butter, i toss the angel hair in it and add handfuls of parmesan and loads of ground pepper.

the kids eat the plain version.
we eat the pimped one.

they are happy.
we are ecstatic.