one HUGE risotto

you have a 120 pints pot.
you have 5kg of rice and 3kg of pecorino with truffles
you have 100 people to feed.

butter and onion as usual but this time with the addition of a certain amount of premium truffle oil.
you toast the rice then add a little bit more truffle oil, just in case.

halfway through the cooking you start adding the cheese.
that's when you realize your diners are taking it easy and are running late on schedule.
you do not panic (only a little bit) then take the radical step of turning the gas off.
you keep on adding warm stock while nervously checking the diners' progress.
you wait.
you add some more stock.
you wait.

when he time is hopefully right you turn the hob on again then add the rest of the cheese.
your risotto is creamy, wonderfully smelly and miracolously al dente.

you serve with justified pride.
you pat yourself on the back and enjoy a one minute break before getting cracking with the lamb.

but that's another story.

ps: no time to take pictures so i have posted a lovely image of a cornish beach. the tiny pink dot is my daughter in her birthday dress.