from twitter to blog: watermelon gazpacho

this twitter recipe was inspired by ΓΌberblogger's Julia Cherry Pie in the bag event.
the rules are simple.
my own challenge is to keep it within 140 charachters.
this is the result:

"watermelon gazpacho: 1/2watermelon(pipped)+1cucumber(seeded) +3limes(squeezd)+mint(hint)+tabasco(why not?)+ice(loads).juice+strain. #inthebag"

some notes:
a.the last bit behind the hash tag is just a twitter thing so do not try to include it in your recipe...
b. i changed a word from the original posts because a like this one better
c. this is a virtual recipe: my nternal database of flavours tells me it works wonderfully but I never actually made it... could please someone try it and let me know?