twitting (twittering??) recipes..

i hate recipes.
i really really do.
i admit they look nice in old battered notebooks handed down from grandmother to grandmother (not mine though, they couldn’t cook).
and they are essential to link up to some tv program or other and make a few quid on the side.
oh and to make cakes with.
but i don’t like making cakes.

so i don’t do recipes. never did.
until now.
now, you know, there is twitter. it’s been around for some time but people like me tend to take a little while to acknowledge the new.
twitter allows posts that are no more than 140 characters long. and that includes spaces.
perfect for recipes, methinks.
so I’ve given myself the challenge to post recipes that are real, good, doable and 140 characters long. including spaces.

follow the experiment at