IMBB 12: the roundup


only nineteen entries to this IMBB, dealing with anything from the utterly disturbing (marmite) to the apparently innocuous (marmite).
here are excerpts from all of them. the link will take you to the relevant post.
read on.
be inspired.

"When I heard that the theme of IMBB #12 would be “Is My Blog Taboo”, I figured it might be a good time to take on some of those challenges.  ....  But the real question was this:  did I have the balls to take some risks and do something new instead?  Well, I didn't.  But I knew where to get some".

"I decided that instead of cooking something that most people don't eat, I would go for something that I don't eat....Fish. I don't like fish and I never have.  For as long as I can remember everyone has been trying to get me to eat fish".

"Finding a food taboo was a real hard task. I'm not someone who says no to new foods, and I'll try almost anything once. Bugs? Done that, they can be quite nice. Horse meat, snails, frogs... don't see what's shocking about that.."

"He greeted me with a kiss on the lips. At once his nose started twitching and he started sniffing. "Bleh", he muttered, "You've been eating that stuff again" "

"What does experimenting with IMBB 12:  Food Taboos reveal about our own "true qualities" ?  What do our taboos or dislikes have to tell us about ourselves?  In my case, I think the jury's still out."

"Madness is our taboo, not food. Food taboos are the remnants of village mentality and morality dictated by an invisible entity. We are rational people, especially cooks.

"my particular food hates, my food fascism, is at the heart of what I consider 'real food' and why I continue my love affair with cooking and eating"

"I know what she was trying to do, she wanted me to find out by myself knowing how insanely curious I am sometimes when it comes to new ingredients or new food".

"Ok. Swedes are very wary of additives in food, of anything not-completely-natural in fact. (Swedes have a very hard time at US supermarkets. It can be a scary experience."

"there isn't much that I won't eat!  (My friends, including my carbo-phobic ex are a whole different story!  But, how much fun is it to make bread or a bowl of pasta and watch everyone just sort of push their food around?)"

"I was going to be someone who’s never tasted natto if it weren’t for Carlo, host of the 12th IMBB, who extended the deadline. I took it as a sign that I should take this opportunity to overcome my aversion to natto and give it a try".

"I was beginning to despair.  And then it hit me.  Something they eat in the UK that, to my mind, would just be taboo on so many fronts.  Something that I have never eaten and would never make myself, except for the purely scientific purposes of IMBB.

"And because I work on my food entries from Pampanga, a province known for many exotic delicacies even for Philippine standards, close to nothing qualifies as taboo or forbidden".

"Her legal advise was it would be necessary to inform the diners what was being served before they ate it to risk the possibility of being sued if anyone suffered from the shock of it all".

"I have always wondered why should we go to such efforts to ruin something so good ? Do we really need to cook everything mother nature gave us?"

"... with some thought I came up with two ideas. One to use a food ingredient I HATE WITH A BURNING PASSION (sorry, got carried away by my hatred) and one for a dish that will disgust many readers out there, and may even be considered taboo by the Italian establishment!"

"Who am I to talk really? I'm the one who ate the cricket sushi at the Montreal Botanical Gardens".

"Oh dear. He's right: there is one food I hate and have resolutely refused to eat for the last thirty years ... Sigh".

"they were happy. i was happy. mission accomplished. there is hope".

thank you for your entries.
and thank you to the confabulist for having the balls and taking a picture of them.

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