IMBB 12: is my blog taboo? aka you are what you don't eat

tasty horse meat cuts

i am happy and honoured to have the chance to host the IMBB on its first birthday.
yes is twelve months already from Alberto's "first inspirational idea and a full eight months since my last participation (you know.. baby, work, fat lazy arse.. it's a conspiracy to keep me from blogging.. it's not my fault.. i swear!!!!).

for these reasons I would like to make my contribution a little bit different, and, since i couldn't decide for a title i kept them both

after all, it's the same idea from different angles

is my blog taboo?
economy, environment, culture, religion have a strong effect on how we perceive our food so that what is perfectly good to eat for some is an abominable abjection for others.
if, like me, you are living abroad, your task will be to cook something that for you is normal or acceptable, but that in the country you are living in might be considered disgusting or even taboo.
The point of the exercise is to share the food with your local friends -or at least try- and record their reactions.

as an italian living in britain i could prepare some tasty horse meat speciality... on the other end, a british blogger living in italy would struggle not to have an italian retch over sickly sweet beans served for breakfast.
and so on...

i am particularly interested in the reactions of strictly observant followers of religions with rigid sets of rules about food: muslims, jews, vegans etc... would they really like to taste a forbidden food for "scientific" reasons? what would that taste like to them?

am i asking too much?

you are what you don't eat
this is a slight variation on the theme and is focused on you, my dear blogger who might lack a supply of willing victims.
try and test yourself.
cook something that you wouldn't normally eat because you find disgusting or taboo and think about the reasons why it is so. is it really so disgusting when you think of it with a more rational mind?
go ahead, take the plunge, suck the head of that fish, spread marmite on that toast.
and write about it.

IMBB 12 day will be the 19th. e-mail me your entry so I can keep track of it and report it in the usual way.

ps: for more info on IMBB please go to is my blog burning central.


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I agree with globat ;)

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