good news day

in no particualr order:
1.repubblica reports of a new italian law inspired by the green party and unexplicably approved by a parliament usually too busy keeping mr berlusconi rich and out of jail to do anything good..
it will require olive oil "producers" like our friend bertolli to clearly state on the label the origin of the goods they pack and resell, thus preventing them to call "italian" what it is actually imported from albania (fact). the same applies to tomato passata: a third of what is packaged by big brands, you will be glad to know, is produced by adding water to a concentrate paste imported from china.
2. the new president of sardinia's regional council renato soru has blocked with immediate effect all building developments on the island's coastline. at last!
3. isabella walked the whole of eight consecutive steps: she wobbles like a drunken frankestein but still she manages to be the most beautiful thing in the world.

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