the ten minutes meat feast

ten minutes meat feast
eating meat is a privilege we should treasure and cherish.
intensively farmed and inhumanely slaughtered meat is bad for the animals, bad for the environment, bad for you.
it's a major problem and luckily there is a lot we can do:
talk to friends, spread the word, stop buying cheap meat, buy from small reliable worthy butchers and producers.

there are times when i decide to treat myself to an expensive, deliciously sustainable, well hung tender steak of sirloin from my local butcher.
i cut the meat it in strips, place it on a foil covered baking tray, with garlic, rosemary thime, shallots, lemon and white wine.
ten minutes in the blazing hot oven it's all it takes to be perfect.

my teeth rip through the exquisite muscles of the once living beast.
there is nothing like the thrill the first bite of rare red meat sends to the brain.
for that moment i am just an animal eating another animal.
then i remember:

somebody reared this animal with love.
somebody killed this animal with skill.
somebody cut this animal with craftsmanship.

this animal died for my pleasure.


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