(my)baby(and her)food

there are strange undercurrents in food blogging.
i realized it when, just before writing this post i checked alberto's blog.

we both live abroad, we both are fathers for the first time, we both face the problem of "emulsifying" two different cultures.
we both decided to blog about it at the same time..


the problems are the same. contrasting advice (italian authors order parents to steer clear from oats for the first ten months while here you are strongly advised to give the baby porridge as first weaning food...) which only agrees on the fact that you should feed your baby only unsavoury, uninspiring food. allegedly healthy but terminally BORING.

so, after a cautious approach, we have started feeding isabella proper food even if not what we eat yet.
she is seven months and toothless after all.

this is what she likes:

  • pears, grated or cooked, with yoghurt or créme fraiche;

  • carrots, steamed and mashed with a bit of butter;

  • baby muesli with breastmilk or formula;

  • broccoli, steamed and puréed with grated parmesan and extra virgin olive oil;

  • chicken legs boiled with celery, carrots, potatoes and onions, all whizzed together including a little bit of chicken skin to add extra kick; her favourite!

  • mangoes;

  • sweet potatoes au naturél;

  • spinach with potatoes, grated parmesan and extra virginolive oil.

what she doesn't like:

  • bananas (very unexpectedly so)

  • lamb (maybe a bit too early)

tune in in a few months to learn about my struggle to shelter her from baked beans, marmite and ribena (they have a "tooth kind" product line... makes you think).

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