is my blog burning? - the day-after tartine

the day after tartinei had different plans for clotilde's tartine edition of "is my blog burning?" cooking day.
i had planned the most delicious tartine i could dream of. i even gave it a name, "the three steps to heaven" in recognition of its heavenly taste and its extreme simplicity.
unexpectedly, my usual dealer had run out of the main ingredient, and by no means i would use a lesser quality version, even if in a photo it may have looked the same.
hey, this blog has ethics.
"yeah, whatever.. just tell us what the ingredient is"
well, stay tuned and the three steps to heaven will eventually be posted.
(hint: the ingredient *stinks*).

after all the tartine i came up with is in the true spirit of this blog. instead of being carefully planned and prepared it was rustled up using some left overs from the previous day's supper.

the previous day, last tuesday, i had bought two beautiful, beautiful shoulders of local salt marsh lamb. one went straight into the oven where it slowly cooked for five hours until melt-in-your-mouth-ly tender.
fantastic. a simple fresh green salad on the side to cut through the greasiness of the shoulder's meat and a truly scrumptious dinner was served.
and a lot of leftovers to boot.

lamb leftovers are great for day-after sandwiches or ground to make a quick rag├╣ for some pasta.
or, in this case, to make my day-after tartine.

on a slice of good bread i put a layer of spinach, then soaked the spinach with the juices from the roasting tin, skimmed of the excess fat, then i put a few slices of meat on top and sprinkled with sea salt flakes.
it didn't look that good so for the sake of the photo i added three roasted cherry tomatoes which i then removed.
roast tomatoes and spinach just doesn't work for me.
the rest did.

a nice, ethical tartine.

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