sometimes is good not to work

nobody booked me for valentine's day.

oh well, maybe the kind of couple who waits for the 14th of february to have a romantic meal is not the kind of couple who wishes to share that "special" marketing dictated moment with a large-ish italian bloke.

it has to be noted that my intention to charge the aforementioned couple through the nose for the privilege probably didn't help.

bollocks to you, boring couple! i will stay home with my girls and will treat isabella to a specially heated bottle of milk and zoƫ and myself to some a decadently indulgent linguine with lobster.


"the lobster goes in the freezer for a couple of hours: it will slowly die without suffering, a bit like jack nicholson in "the shining" but sans grin" (god, i quote myself. sad)
after boiling it i extract all the meat and struggling not to eat it there and then, i proceed with the sauce.

in a pan: olive oil, garlic, chopped coriander roots, a bit of ginger, crushed chilis and shallots then the shell and legs of the beast. white wine. high flame. evaporate. low flame. water. simmer. reduce. the kitchen smells good. inhale deeply. smile in anticipation. add a tin of tomatoes. simmer. reduce. turn off.

time to put the baby to bed and the water to the boil.

baby sleeps. water boils.

the linguine are tossed in the pan with the sauce and the chopped meat of the lobster, served with a chilled glass of falanghina.

sometimes it's good not to work.

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