is my blog taboo?

traditional horse meat cuts
following the success of his "is my blog burning" project, alberto called for more ideas on the same wavelenght. here is mine:

is my blog taboo? is inspired by what Marvin Harris calls the riddles of food and culture. you will take part in it by cooking - on a designated day- something that for you is normal or acceptable, but that in other parts of the world might be considered disgusting or even taboo.
if, like me you are living abroad, it would be nice if you could prepare something considered taboo or disgusting in the country you are living in, share it with your local friends and record their reactions.
as an italian living in england i could prepare some tasty horse meat speciality...
on the other end, a british blogger living in italy would struggle not to have an italian retch over these served for breakfast.
and so on...


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