an heartfelt thank you from a gurnard eater

after the presumably failed attempts at artistic photography with the gurnard, i proceed with the more familiar task of cleaning and storing my beautiful shopping (see previous post).
the lobster goes in the freezer but just for a couple of hours: it will slowly die without suffering, a bit like jack nicholson in "the shining" but sans grin;
the trouts will go in the freezer as well, waiting to be roasted sometime in the near future;
the two squids are cleaned, sac and tentacles preserved, ink pouch empty as usual;
the gurnard will be our lunch.

so the now headless gurnard is skinned, cut in thick slices and quickly pan fried in:
- extra virgin olive oil
- the leftover oil and chili pepper from some excellent olives bought in an arab shop
- garlic
- salted capers
- a splash of white wine
- two ladlefuls of its own stock
- the chopped tentacles of the two squids

it is served on a bed of couscous, soaked with the fish stock and the juices from the pan.
it is a fantastic fish and i just thank all the people who would never buy the beautiful (?) and delicious (!) gurnard, thus keeping its price low.
thank you guys.
and thank you local restaurants: by not serving local fish you are doing a great job. for me.
thank you.
i really mean it.

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