a fishy weekend

as much as i HATE valentine's day with its artificial commercialised celebration of "lurv" i am not one to let a perfect excuse to cook a specially indulgent meal pass me by..

that's why you could have found me queing in the late saturday morning hours at brighton and newhaven fishermen sale point in hove lagoon.

i wish i had my camera with me, for there were a couple of proud looking boats docked nearby that looked pretty dramatic on the metallic grey background provided courtesy of an otherwise dull february day.

i bought the following:

1 lobster, alive and kicking, for the indulgent meal


1 nice fat gurnard
2 nice medium squids
2 nice fat rainbow trouts

for more normal everyday meals.

total expense: a tenner (£ 10) for the lobster and £ 9.37 for the rest of the fish.

reports to follow.

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