the colour coded peppers

i like my peppers stuffed
last week i broke -again- yet another of my apparently not so strict rules for healthier, more sustainable and better living:
rule #5 thou shalst not buy vegetables in a supermarket.

it's incredibly difficult to source good vegetables in brighton, and the few fruit & veg shops are not very good at luring in the potential customer with luscious displays of good quality produce. quite the opposite. not to mention the post-war grimness of the open air market.
(i've tried an organic box scheme but there is a limit to the amount of oversized, watery, tasteless cucumbers an italian can eat).
so yes your honour, sometimes i just give up and buy vegetables in my local supermarket, which the indigenous population call "the posh one" probably refering to the fact that it sells food that most of the times is actually edible.
moreover, wherever you roam in these pepperly challenged lands you will only be able to buy artificial looking peppers of the same size and of bright easily identifiable colours. nuances are strictly prohibited!
i will always eat the same pepper. wherever i go, whatever the season, i will always eat the same pepper.

so last week i bought six peppers of three different colours and put them together in the same bag. at the checkout the assistant took them out and weighted them separately. i was quite amazed by this peculiar behavior and asked for an explanation. it turns out that even if they sell for the same -extortionate- price, different coloured peppers have different codes which therefore allow the supermarket to always stock a perfectly colour balanced display of artificially coloured peppers.
i thought: how low can you go? but maybe it's just me.

ps: last night i stuffed a couple of peppers with some boiled arborio rice mixed with delicious peppercorn coated mackerel, coriander, onions, extra virgin olive oil and someting else which i don't remember now (not to worry, next time will be something different). the rice was almost, but not quite, completely cooked, to allow for the 40 minutes it then had to spend in the oven.

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